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The biggest security event of 2023 is held in Barcelona. Security Forum is the perfect showcase to showcase the latest innovations in the sector. You set up the booth, we will bring you closer to your potential customers.

What you'll miss if you don't attend the event

A networking forum to generate new business opportunities.

Executives and professionals from the public and private sectors.

Specialized conferences that will address the most disruptive ideas..

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Get your space at the annual event of the security sector. Give visibility to your brand in front of thousands of professionals and thanks to an associated communication plan. Network and create new business opportunities in the halls of our exhibition in Barcelona.
Lead the change.

Angel Pons presentador del Congreso Security Forum 2022


No one knows the security sector better than you. We are in a time of strong digitalization, in which technology will play an important role in its transformation. And this requires strong voices to lead the change and evolution in the sector.

At Security Forum we offer you the opportunity to speak in front of hundreds of professionals who have the same goal as you: to innovate and move the industry forward.

We have the stage, you have the voice, do you dare to use it?

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Angel Pons presentador del Congreso Security Forum 2022

Expert Panel

You know that your solution has the potential to help hundreds of companies and that the accumulated success stories are proof of this. But you can't always highlight your strengths to potential customers as easily as you would like. Security Forum's Expert Panel gives you the opportunity to share all the details about your product or service with professionals who are looking for new security solutions for their business - and everything will be recorded on video!

Share your best success story with hundreds of decision makers.

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